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Terrace Garden

Translate a vision into the constructible design with the help of our passionate and creative planners and designers. From hardscapes to softscapes, we develop and deliver exceptional Terrace gardens in terms of quality, design, and longevity. Our motive is to create value for the customers and we ensure on exceed your expectations.

Terrace Garden

A charming garden includes a lot of elements harmonizing the garden in line with the interior of a house. The choice of colours and the material used for each of the elements defines the garden and its usage. Choose the elements that interest you and we shall collaborate and design it for you. Please refer to the Designing page to learn more on the process.

Terrace Garden

Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a garden where the plants are growing and thriving on the vertical rather than the horizontal plane. Greenwalls create a calm atmosphere, while contributing to the overall health and balance of an environment. Greenwalls can be installed either in the living room, inside or outside the house or on any commercial space.

Modular Vertical Garden

We install the most unique and a premium Modular Vertical Wall Garden System in the country. It includes everything required for plants to sustain and its very easy to maintain. It just needs one switch to water all the plants. Yes, it includes irrigation system with a motor to recirculate the water as well. It essentially creates a simple network of ‘pot plants’ in a vertical garden. Our hexagonal pot design allows for a large soil volume, so more mature plants can be used for fuller effect. Please get us in touch to experience the green wall.

The Price of the green wall would range from 1200-2000 per square feet depending on the choice of plants.

Balcony Garden

With a little imagination, a balcony can become the most striking part of your home. Drawing your attention from the interior of your house and creating a feel of extra space.

With the right selection of plants, you can grow most things on a Balcony and include a number of features of a Garden. Most importantly having a garden either a micro garden or a large garden will always satisfy your soul adding on to the view from the outside of a building to a balcony. Help us renovate and upgrade your Balcony to create your special space.

Landscape Design

We provide landscape design, construction and installation, ongoing care and maintenance. Well-managed landscapes offer tremendous benefits for people and for the environment.

Gardens form a significant part of your home. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, a great place to spend a bit of quality time with your friends and family, although they are the perfect place to relax on your own throughout the year, it is a fantastic investment. Beautiful Ambience will give you an opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends every weekend. We design every inch of the garden by understanding your needs, tastes and preferences and how best we can make it comfortable to the client. Please refer to the design page for the process and to shortlist the features.

Designing Service

For any garden, the most important phase is the design. We begin with the inspection of the site and after an initial round of discussion, shortlisting the features from the design page, the first sketch of the drawing is proposed. Our Designers prioritizes the clients tastes and preferences in terms of plant choices, materials to be used for each of the shortlisted elements and with the design concepts. We understand and suggest the best of the designs suitable for each of the client and we ensure every design we make is unique to a client.
You have a choice to have it installed by us or just take up the Designing Service.

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