The Garden Designing Adventure Begins here

Rosemary Habitat deals with Garden design services which is a fast and affordable solution for those who want to create their own outdoor space.

Rosemary is majorly focused on the architecture and the materials used to build a Garden. How wonderful it would be for a family to have a morning coffee and Hi-Tea in a beautiful and pleasant garden. Garden helps in relieving stress and lifts the mood up for a happy day. If you don’t have a garden already, how about building one now? We can have a garden anywhere! Either on a Balcony, a Terrace or on a small backyard.

Our Designers prioritize the client’s tastes and preferences in terms of plant choices, materials to be used for each of the shortlisted elements, and design concepts. We understand and suggest the best of the designs suitable for each of the clients and we ensure every design we make is unique to a client.

How does the Garden Designing Adventure begin?

Cost Structure

The prices quoted are very competitive and very reasonable for any individual because we feel that the plants are meant for every human. Our prices are based on the choice of elements preferred and the plants shortlisted. Below is an estimate of the pricing.

For Terrace Garden and Balcony Garden, the pricing is based on the elements of a garden shortlisted.

Premium: ₹700-1500 per square feet
Basic: ₹400-700 per square feet

Site survey

This is the most important part of the plan. Our senior site engineer visits and examines the feasibility of a garden on the terrace. Major aspects considered is the age of the building, durability, waterproofing requirements, load capacity and measurement. Most of the buildings follows government standards in India hence its well suitable for a terrace garden.

Discussion on Concepts

First session of discussion on concepts. A Garden defines and completes the house. There’s no greater joy than designing and discussing on the elements of a garden. We always consider the interiors of a house to design the exterior and we try to include all the elements of the indoor on the outdoor. In this step we discuss thoroughly on the purpose and the requirement of the client to shortlist the elements.

Plan Layout

First layout of the Plan. In this step, we will present you with the first layout of the plan with the dimensions and with a 3D visualization. This will include the materials are chosen and elements shortlisted, the plants suitable for the environment, the height and specifications of the elements, the coverage area, and the area occupancy for each of them.

discussion on the Plan

On the second session of discussion, any changes on the layout, material, elements, planting requirements will be addressed. All the changes will be noted down which will be used for the Final drawing. Further, the costing options for each of the elements will be discussed as well.

presented and finalized

This defines the final master plan with the final specifications discussed for every element, the quantity of material used for the elements, the cost structure, time duration, description and layout will be presented. CAD drawings will be given to finalize the plan with a mutual consent.

Features of a Garden

Real Grass
Real Grass: Ideal for a terrace once waterproofing is done.
Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass: Preferable for low maintenance
Plants Arrangement
Arrangement of plants: Choice and the number of plants preferred
Vertical wall 13
Vertical Wall: An additive feature to cover a wall
Privacy Trellis 10
Trellis: If the building is surrounded by many tall buildings then we should have one
water feature 14
Water Feature: Ideal to create a calming ambiance and the plants love it for its moisture
Deck flooring wood
Deck flooring: Must have for all the seating area
pergola 06
Pergola: Beauty of a garden forming a living room
outdoor furniture 05
Garden Furniture: Furniture for the outdoor is the most important element as it defines the garden
plants arrangement
Planters: Planters brings in style either forming a contemporary or a modern garden
lighting and wooden ceiling 04
Lighting: We have the most beautiful designs in terms of outdoor lighting. Lighting brings joy to a garden and sparks the surroundingss
Play Area
Play area: Well, every child looks forward for a play area in a garden with swings and slides
Barbeque and Kitched 02
Garden Kitchen: Completes the party garden
Garden Cover Phone Top
Drip Irrigation: Mandatory if you have a water line on the terrace

Designing Concepts


Why Vertical Garden?

  1. It’s more space-efficient than pot plants
  2. It’s a design feature with visual impact
  3. Floor space is expensive, making Greenwalls ideal for apartment living.
  4. Gives gardeners a place to enjoy plant collecting and gardening

Where can you install a Vertical wall?

  1. Residential Buildings/ Apartments
  2. Restaurants and Hotels
  3. Hospitals
  4. Green Farming
  5. Commercial Space